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LightSpring Home Care’s caregivers in Doylestown, PA proudly serve their local community by supporting senior residents in their desire to age in place. Aging in place carries many benefits, including retaining privacy, a sense of belonging, and connections to friends and family. Our caregivers assist with everything from personal hygiene to medication reminders so your loved one can remain at home for as long as possible. 

If your loved one needs assistance to age safely at home, contact our caregivers in Doylestown, PA today. They can answer your questions about our services and help you schedule care. 

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Our Home Care Services

Our professional caregivers in PA want to make daily life easier—and safer—for our local seniors. When age-related conditions or disabilities make it difficult to care for yourself, our caregivers can provide assistance right in the comfort of your home. From buttoning a blouse or light housekeeping to monitoring a lingering condition, they’re fully equipped to provide comprehensive care. 

The personal care services we provide include:  

Types of Homecare We Provide

LightSpring Home Care in Doylestown, PA, differentiates the types of home care we offer so we can better accommodate our clients’ needs. Each type of care offers services that prioritize the well-being of people with specific conditions and in certain situations. 

The types of home care our caregivers provide include:   

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Part of Alzheimer’s and dementia care often involves living in familiar surroundings for as long as possible—but many individuals need help in order to do so safely. Our caregivers are experienced in providing in-home memory care and can help keep your loved one safe, enriched, and comfortable. 

They’ll also monitor your loved one’s well-being by ensuring they get proper nutrition, remain hydrated, and maintain good hygiene. It’s also their responsibility to keep the home tidy and free of safety hazards. 

24-Hour Home Care

24-hour home care is for individuals who need continuous monitoring, whether they’re awake or asleep. We’ll assign one to two caregivers to care for your loved one for 8 to 12 hours during the day, and a second caregiver or pair of caregivers to monitor them overnight. This practice ensures your loved one will always have at least one awake, alert caregiver to help them any time of the day or night. 

These home care services are billed at an hourly rate.

Live-In Care

If your loved one is isolated or needs continuous assistance, they may benefit from a live-in caregiver. For this kind of care, an experienced caregiver lives with your loved one and works 16 hours out of every 24. The remaining 8 hours are the caregiver’s sleeping break—they’ll require a private sleeping area for this break. 

This kind of care is billed at a flat daily rate.

What Sets LightSpring Home Care Apart

At LightSpring Home Care in Doylestown, PA, every client receives specialized services to make your loved one’s care as effortless and pleasant as possible. 

These specialized services include:  

  • Having the right caregiver for your particular needs
  • Accessing care when you need it 
  • Emergency coverage team available 24/7

We Help You Find the Right Caregiver

Having a caregiver in your home can feel strange at first. To ease the transition into care, we arrange meet-and-greets among your loved one, family members, and caregivers so you can learn more about each other. These introductions are an opportunity to build trust so that your loved one receives care from a familiar face. 

You Can Reach Your Caregiver Every Day

At LightSpring Home Care, care is comprehensive and continuous, meaning you can reach us both within and outside the hours of your care. If you have an urgent question after your caregiver leaves, need to adjust your schedule, or want to update your care plan, we’re more than happy to accommodate you. 

We Have an On-Call Team For Emergencies

In the rare event that a caregiver calls out, our care coordination teams will fill the potential gap in your care. They’ll contact and schedule a new caregiver to work the open shift to ensure you have the assistance you need. 

We Train Caregivers to Meet Your Specific Needs

At LightSpring Home Care in Doylestown, PA, our caregivers are comprehensively trained and supported by a multidisciplinary team of care coordinators. These professionals ensure your caregivers have everything they need to impart exceptional care. 

Our care coordination teams include: 

  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Certified Nursing Assistants

Get Started with LightSpring Home Care

LightSpring Home Care supports our community’s seniors by honoring their desire to age in place. With our caregivers’ assistance, aging individuals and those with chronic conditions can retain their independence where they feel most comfortable and secure. 

Are you facing a decision about whether to age at home? Contact us today to learn how our caregivers in Doylestown, PA  can help you do just that.

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