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Home Care for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Clients

Clients  living with dementia and Alzheimer’s face unique challenges while aging in place. Everyday tasks often become increasingly difficult to perform. However, with the right support from trained caregivers, clients can enjoy a high quality of life despite the progression of their cognitive disease. Speak to our team today to learn more about our in-home care services for dementia and Alzheimer’s clients.

We provide Alzheimer’s and dementia care services throughout Philadelphia County, Bucks County, and Delaware County, including:

  • Yeadon, PA
  • Chester, PA
  • Darby, PA
  • Upper Darby, PA
  • Clifton Heights, PA
  • Drexel Hill, PA
  • Sharon Hill, PA
  • Lansdowne, PA
  • Morton, PA
  • Glenolden, PA
  • Folcroft, PA
  • Aldan, PA
  • Springfield, PA
  • Norristown, PA

Quality Care for Everyday Tasks

LightSpring Home Care provides customized solutions to help people care for their loved ones who are affected by chronic degenerative conditions leading to memory decline. Our Alzheimer’s and dementia home care services include:

In-Home Companion Care

Our caregivers aim to make personal connections with each and every client and provide friendly, stimulating company.


Our caregivers can coordinate transportation for medical appointments and local errands.

Personal Care

Our caregivers provide support with personal grooming, bathing, toileting, and other personal care activities.

Home Inspections and Fall Prevention

As part of our consultation process, we perform inspections of the home space to ensure that clients and their family members are able to move safely within the home.

Light Housekeeping and Laundry

Caregivers can perform light housekeeping tasks, including cleaning and laundry services.

Medication Reminders

Our caregivers can provide reminders for clients to take their medication at the correct time of day in the right dosages.

In-Home Care for Dementia Clients

Dementia is a progressive condition that impairs cognitive function and the ability to perform daily living tasks. For individuals diagnosed with dementia, maintaining independence in their own homes can be a significant challenge. Our in-home care for dementia clients is designed to address the unique needs of each individual while helping them continue to live comfortably and safely in their familiar environment.

Our specially trained caregivers provide assistance with daily living, from personal grooming and hygiene to medication reminders, meal preparation, and mobility support. We understand that dementia progresses differently for each person, so we tailor our care plans to the specific needs and preferences of the individual. This personalized approach allows us to provide the best care possible, ensuring your loved one maintains their dignity and quality of life.

Would Your Loved One Benefit From Personalized In-Home Dementia Care?

Determining if your loved one would benefit from our comprehensive home care services for dementia clients can be a challenging decision. However, there are some key factors that can help you decide if now is the right time to consider professional care. If your loved one exhibits any of the following signs or symptoms, reach out to our experts for home dementia care:

  • Frequent memory lapses and difficulty recognizing familiar faces or places
  • Struggling to manage everyday tasks, such as dressing, grooming, and cooking
  • Noticeable shifts in mood, behavior, or personality, which can be distressing for the individual and their family members
  • Wandering or getting lost, which poses a significant risk to their well-being
  • Becoming easily agitated, anxious, or confused, particularly during routine activities
  • Making risky decisions that jeopardize their safety or financial security

At LightSpring Home Care, we offer home care services for dementia clients that can address the unique challenges of dementia and ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your loved one.

Home Care Services for Alzheimer’s Clients

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, characterized by a gradual decline in cognitive abilities and memory loss. People with Alzheimer’s often experience disorientation, confusion, and difficulty recognizing their own family members. Our home care services for Alzheimer’s clients are designed to provide the highest level of support and assistance.

While crafting your individualized care plan, our experts will focus on two essential factors: safety and mental stimulation. Our caregivers will implement essential safety measures, including securing hazardous items, minimizing fall risks, and monitoring the individual’s activities to prevent accidents. We will also focus on creating a secure and familiar space to reduce confusion and disorientation.

As mental stimulation is important for preserving cognitive function in Alzheimer’s clients, our caregivers will engage your loved one in activities that promote brain health and memory retention. These activities may include puzzles, games, reading, and even reminiscing to foster a sense of connection with the past. By maintaining mental health, we help delay the progression of Alzheimer’s and enhance the overall quality of life. To learn more about our home care for clients with Alzheimer’s, don’t hesitate to call or email our specialists.

How In-Home Care for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Clients Can Reduce Family Caregiver Burnout

Providing care for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s can be emotionally and physically demanding, often leading to caregiver burnout. Family members who take on the role of caregivers may experience stress, exhaustion, and feelings of isolation. LightSpring Home Care’s in-home care services for dementia and Alzheimer’s clients can significantly reduce family caregiver burnout by providing the following benefits:

  • Respite for Family Caregivers: Our caregivers can step in to provide temporary relief, allowing family members to take much-needed breaks without compromising their loved one’s well-being.
  • Professional Support: Our highly trained caregivers possess the knowledge and skills to address the specific needs of dementia and Alzheimer’s clients. This expertise provides family members with peace of mind, knowing their loved one is in capable hands.
  • Improved Quality of Life: With professional care at home, individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s can enjoy a higher quality of life while their family members can cherish more meaningful moments together, free from the constant demands of caregiving.
  • Enhanced Safety: Our home care for clients with Alzheimer’s and dementia ensures a safer living environment for your loved one, reducing the stress and anxiety associated with the risk of accidents and falls.

By choosing LightSpring Home Care, you’re not just entrusting your loved one to capable hands; you’re also investing in your family’s well-being. Our dedication to quality in-home care for dementia and Alzheimer’s clients goes beyond simply providing assistance — it’s about enriching lives and supporting both the individual and their family members through this challenging journey.

Request a Complimentary In-Home Care Assessment Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with dementia or Alzheimer’s, and you would like further information, including the cost of dementia care, please contact us to discuss your needs and request a free in-home assessment today. We look forward to providing you with quality in-home care for dementia and Alzheimer’s, whether you live in Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Yeadon, Chester, Darby, Upper Darby, Clifton Heights, Drexel Hill, Sharon Hill, Lansdowne, Morton, Glenolden, Folcroft, Aldan, Springfield, or Norristown, PA.

Resources for Memory Care

Here are additional resources for those coping with memory care challenges :

NIA Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center
Phone: 1-800-438-4380
Phone: 1-800-438-4380

Alzheimer’s Association
Phone: 1-800-272-3900

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
Phone: 1-866-232-8484

National Institute on Aging Information Center
Email the NIA Information Center
Phone: 1-800-222-2225
TTY: 1-800-222-4225

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