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Fall Prevention and Home Safety

Safe Movement and Fall Prevention

By ensuring that fall prevention measures are built into the patients’ care plans, and that well trained caregivers are assigned to high fall risk cases, the number of falls among older adults can be significantly reduced.

LightSpring Home Care endeavors to ensure that the following steps are taken to manage and reduce the fall risk for vulnerable patients:

Step 1

Achieve the Best Caregiver-Patient Match

Matching patients with caregivers who have the skills and experience to deal with their conditions is crucial. This is determined through an iterative process of meet and greets in which patients and their loved-ones are able to meet with and interview a number of potential caregivers before arriving at the best choice based on the specific skill-set and experience of the care professionals.

Step 2

Perform a Home Safety Inspection Prior to Start of Care

As part of our intake process, our client services manager will perform and walk-though and/or observation of the home spaces in which care will be provided. The aim is to ensure that the space is safe for mobility and free of unnecessary obstacles that could pose mobility hazards for patients. The home safety inspection is documented, and the caregiving team is encouraged to continue to ensure the safety of the living space throughout the duration of care.

Step 3

Correct Orientation, and Continued Training for Staff

All caregiving staff are required to be properly trained and certified prior to being staffed. Through the process of supervision and evaluation our caregivers will continue to be provided with hands-on training from skilled nurses throughout the duration of care for a patient.

Step 4

Adopt a Team Approach to to Fall Prevention

We recognize that many home-bound patients will be receiving care from various sources including physical therapists, skilled nurses, social workers as well as physicians. Our long term care team will ensure that all medical information relevant to fall prevention is obtained during intake and that all development we observe are properly communicated to family members as well as other care providers.
Working with patient

Step 5

Promote the use of Fall Detection Technology for At-Risk Clients

In coordination with the patients’ medical care providers and loved ones LightSpring Home Care will strongly encourage the use of wearable emergency products. The products often have sensors that can actually determine if a client has fallen and send instant notifications to caregivers, emergency personnel – even family members.

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